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Sir Christopher Hatton


Competitions and Results

During the school year, the Heads or House and captains run various events and competitions that the students and staff compete in. We believe this teaches the students about healthy competition as well as the correct way to win and lose. It also reinforces team work, rules and social skills and widens students’ engagement in school life.

How to Obtain Individual House Points Team Events - House Competitions
  • Team Hatton Award
  • Wandering Trophy
  • Ambassador of the Week
  • The Knowledge
  • Reports (Effort/Behaviour)
  • Rowing
  • Attendance
  • Basketball
  • Punctuality
  • Numeracy
  • Behaviour Watch
  • Sports Day
  • Wear it Pink/Charity

We would like to thank all staff, captains and students that have enthusiastically embraced the House Challenges this year.  Please find the Term 1 results below.  Term 2 results will be published on our website and Twitter as soon as they are available. 

Wandering Trophy Netball Tournament between House Teams made up of Staff & 6th Form. WINNERS
10 points
2nd —Walsingham (5 points) 
3rd—Drake (3 points)
4th—Burghley (2 points)
House Cup
Awarded to the house the most points. WINNERS
11,738 points
2nd Burghley (11,526)
3rd Walsingham (11,413)
4th Drake (10,924)
Charity Shield Wear IT pink week—pink items worn, money raised & attendance at Dodgeball JOINT WINNERS
3rd Raleigh
4th Walsingham
Numeracy Challenge Winners of the weekly quiz TERM 1 WINNER
960 points
4th Burghley (480 points)
3rd Walsingham (510 points)
2nd Raleigh (790 points)
Thought of The Week
Winners of the weekly challenge TERM 1 WINNER
500 points
4th Raleigh (175 points)
3rd Drake (200 points)
2nd Walsingham (250 points)

The pictures below show the Staff/VI Netball Teams....

Here are the top male/female house point scorers each form...

Julia Kopaczek 07R5 F Burghley
Thomas Jeffs 07R1 M Burghley
Hubert Malenda 08R5 M Burghley
Amelia Blake 08R1 F Burghley
Raymond Matata 09R1 M Burghley
Molly Hillman 09R5 F Burghley
Kamelah Fernandez 10R1 F Burghley
Christopher Price 10R1 M Burghley
Ibrahim Zaheer 11R1 M Burghley
Lexus Buckingham 11R5 F Burghley
Tulsi Patel VI R5 F Burghley
Rahul Jethwa VI R5 M Burghley
Szymon Sacawa 07R6 M Drake
Grace Gibbons 07R6 F Drake
Luke Walton 08R6 M Drake
Wilma Asare 08R6 F Drake
Manasi Mehta 09R2 F Drake
Kani Pierre 09R6 M Drake
Abigail Bardell 10R6 F Drake
Tanatswa Lucas 10R6 M Drake
Maria Minnone 11R6 F Drake
Yassin Moktadir 11R6 M Drake
Alessio Lala VI R2 M Drake
Jessica Savory VI R6 F Drake
Bethany Talbot 07R7 F Raleigh
Luke Scott 07R7 M Raleigh
Kacper Michalik 08R7 M Raleigh
Barbara Podlewska 08R7 F Raleigh
Patrycja Golab 09R7 F Raleigh
Sunny Mistry 09R3 M Raleigh
Neha Dholakia 10R3 F Raleigh
Harry McWilliam 10R3 M Raleigh
Paris Taplin 11R3 F Raleigh
Zak Rodgers 11R7 M Raleigh
Thomas Hawthorn VI R7 M Raleigh
Sherina Gooden VI R3 F Raleigh
Julia Gadawska 07R4 F Walsingham
Archie Burns 07R4 M Walsingham
Jessica Dale 08R8 F Walsingham
Christian Ihejirika 08R8 M Walsingham
Joanna Warczynska 09R8 F Walsingham
Kishan Patel 09R4 M Walsingham
Callista Quadling 10R4 F Walsingham
Ryan Clarke 10R8 M Walsingham
Ellen Motsi 11R4 F Walsingham
Keval Popat 11R4 M Walsingham
Tahlia Palmer VI R4 F Walsingham
Daniel Bartram VI R4 M Walsingham