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Sir Christopher Hatton


Local Leaders in Education

 Local Leaders in Education (LLEs) aim to improve student outcomes through working partnerships between head teachers. LLEs must be a serving Head-Teacher or Academy Principal, with at least three years’ experience, good Ofsted results and a successful track record of school improvement.

LLEs will partner another school in their area, working closely with the head teacher or principal to oversee improvement at a sustainable and practical level. LLEs act as mentors and provide professional advice for Head Teachers in their first two years in the post, as part of the Head Start scheme.

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy is delighted to have a designated Local Leader of Education. We are available to offer help and support to schools and Head Teachers looking to improve. If you wish to find out more about how an LLE could support your school please contact Keren Gunn, Senior Assistant Principal

Our LLE who can offer support is Victoria Bishop, Executive Principal.