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Sir Christopher Hatton


Support Staff

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Mr C Hinds Director of Finance & Operations 01933 231271
Mrs EJ Harris Assistant to the Board/Marketing Co-ordinator 01933 231286
Mrs V Jean-Paul PA to Principal and Vice Principals 01933 231264
Mrs E Snell Personnel & Operations Manager 01933 221417
Mrs S Caffel Personnel & Operations Assistant 01933 231274
Mrs V Forbes Extra Curricular/Community Manager 01933 231270
Mrs V Piggott Senior Receptionist/Office Manager 01933 231200
Mrs D Felce Admin Assistant/Receptionist 01933 221408
Mrs S Peasland Admin Assistant & WRL 01933 231230
Miss K Howes Admin Assistant/Receptionist 01933 221403
Mrs A Goodwin VI Form Support Assistant 01933 231275
Mrs N Nicholls Learning Zone Receptionist 01933 221404
Ms C Miles Achievement Manager (Data for Progress) 01933 231267
Mr A Mason Exams & Data Officer KS5 01933 231284
Mrs R Drage Exams & Data Manager KS4 01933 231268
Mrs T Baker Exams & Data Officer KS3 01933 231276
Mrs K Dillon Finance & Payroll Manager 01933 231262
Mrs I Ziabek Assistant Finance Manager 01933 231272
Ms M Walker Accounts Assistant 01933 221418
Mr K Wagner IT Network Manager 01933 221401
Mr A Farren Senior IT Technician 01933 231239
Miss V Tofield ICT Technician 01933 231287
Mrs N Evans Librarian/Library Resources Manager 01933 231231
Mrs N Crook Senior Classroom Supervisor 01933 221415
Mrs S Peters Classroom Supervisor
Mrs L Stevenson Classroom Supervisor
Mrs S Fawcett Classroom Supervisor
Mrs N Rutter Classroom Supervisor
Miss N Ames Classroom Supervisor
Miss T Mclaughlin Classroom Supervisor
Miss E Jowatt Classroom Supervisor
Mr M Hawkins Classroom Supervisor/SSCO
Mrs K Bright Lead Science Technician 01933 231241
Mr M Goodman Science Technician 01933 231241
Mr N Marsh Design & Art Technician 01933 231247
Mrs T Abraham Teaching Assistant
Miss B Billett Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Calvey HLTA
Miss K Edwards Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Goodman Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hickman Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Ivanov HLTA
Mrs Y Jones HLTA
Mrs J King Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lewis Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Miah Teaching Assistant
Miss N Nichols Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Sheehan Teaching Assistant (Maternity)
Miss C Slee Teaching Assistant
Miss V Turnell Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Wanza HLTA
Mrs A Pagliuca Estates Supervisor 01933 221400
Mr R Pateman Senior Premises Officer 01933 221400
Mr M Minnone Caretaker 01933 221400
Mr M Freeman Caretaker 01933 221400
Mr P Welton Catering Manager 01933 231234
Mrs V Bryan Assistant Catering Manager 01933 231234
Mrs J Morgan Catering Assistant 01933 231234
Miss D Civil Catering Assistant 01933 231234
Mrs E Page Catering Assistant 01933 231234
Ms C Williams Catering Assistant 01933 231234
Mrs J Kaczmaryk Midday Learning Assistant
Mrs K Lynch Midday Learning Assistant