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Sir Christopher Hatton


EAL Qualifications Programme

This letter has been already sent to the selected students.  Please use the translation tool at the bottom of the page if required.


Dear Parent

As a part of the academy EAL Own Languages Qualifications Programme, <student name> has been entered for <qualification> this summer.

The EAL Own Languages Qualifications Programme helps students who are already literate in another language gain qualifications and recognition.  Students on the programme will be able to speak, read and write in another language already because of their family background and personal experiences. 

In order to be successful, students on the programme may be studying their own language in an out-of-school provision, such as a Saturday morning school, or be able to work independently from school, possibly with the support of friends and family.

The academy does not provide teaching or assessment towards these qualifications.  Students who need tuition from the school in order to complete the course are not suitable for this programme.

<student name> has been spoken to by myself and has confirmed that they wish to be entered for the exam and that they understand the terms that this entry has been made in.  Details of the specification which they are being entered for, which clarifies the examinations and content of the course is available on TEAMS ( student use their usual log in to access).

Details of the examination times and locations will be produced by the academy examinations office once they are released.

Please fill in the attached consent form and return to me in the Learning Zone (B8) to confirm that you are happy with these arrangements.

If you have any questions regarding this programme, please contact me at the school.

Yours Sincerely,


Gavin Stanger

Senior Assistant Principal

Tel: 01933 226077

Direct Dial: 01933 231285





EAL Own Languages Qualifications ProgrammE

Name:  <student name>

Qualification: <qualification>

I confirm that:

  • I have read and understood that <student name> will be entered for examinations for <qualification> this summer.
  • I understand that the academy does not provide teaching or assessment towards this qualification.
  • I will ensure that <name> works appropriately towards this qualification either independently, with family and friend support or as a part of an independent languages school.
  • I understand that I may be liable for the cost of the examinations entry should the above condition not be met.

Signed:    ____________________________________________

Date:       ____________________________________________

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