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Media & Film

Head of Media: Mr J Green

Key Stage 4

Pupils study the new AQA Media Studies GCSE. The course is split between a Non-Examined Assessment (essentially a coursework piece)  (30%) and two final examination papers (Component 1 and 2) in Year 11 (each worth 35%).                                       

Pupils will analyse a range of media texts and engage with concepts such as audience, representation and institution. Pupils will be required to engage with a range of CSPs (Close Study Products) for their examinations. Pupils will use their knowledge and understanding of the media to plan, create and evaluate their own media texts.

Media Studies is a blend of the creative and the academic. Pupils are expected to regularly produce extended written analyses of media texts as well as using creative media software to produce texts of their own. It must be stressed that the course is more theoretical than it is practical.

Key Stage 5

A level Film Studies                                

Students follow the brand new EDUQAS course. Film Studies is designed to allow students to investigate film as an art form and an industry. The course is assessed over two exams at the end of Year 13; Component 1 and Component 2. In Component 1,(worth 35%) students will study Hollywood cinema – Classical and new (1930-1990), American Independent film since 2005 and British Cinema since 1995. In Component 2, (35%) students will study Global Film, Documentary, Silent Movies and Experimental Cinema.

Pupils will also undertake a Non-Examined Assessment (coursework piece) worth 30%. For the NEA students can choose whether to produce a short film or a screenplay with accompanying storyboard.