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Sir Christopher Hatton


Teaching Staff

Please find below contact details of our Teaching Staff, listed by Department, updated for September 2017.

D&T and Art

Name Position E-mail
Miss G Bond Head of Design & Technology and Art
Mrs J Swain Head of Art
Mr J Pinkney Assistant Principal: Head of VI Form
Mr S Lane 2nd in D&T


Name Position E-mail
Mr B Coleman Assistant Principal : Director of English
Mr A Mackenzie-Wright 2nd in English
Miss H Davis 2nd in English
Mrs C Raku Vice Principal
Mrs S Rockingham Teacher of English & i/c Media
Mrs K Gunn Senior Assistant Principal
Mrs E Nichols Teacher of English
Mrs L Pringle Teacher of English/SMSC Co./PSHE
Mrs L O'Gorman Teacher of English
Miss S Harcup Teacher of English & Literacy Co.

Miss R Catlin

Teacher of English & G&Tn Co.
Ms C Bird Teacher of English
Miss G Berrill Teacher of English
Mr T Clarke Teacher of English
Ms A Stevenson Teacher of English
Mrs L Calvey Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Name Position E-mail
Miss C Bishop Assistant Principal: Director of Humanities & Research
Mr H Macdonald Head of Geography
Mr M Fowler Teacher of Geography
Mrs K Hughes Lead Practitioner in Humanities
Mr L Shackleton Assistant Principal: Director of Pastoral Standards
Miss N Shearer Teacher of RE & Sociology
Mr D Shetcliffe Teacher of History
Miss B Carlow Teacher of History
Mr C Benjamin Teacher of Humanities
Mr W Kneeshaw Teacher of Humanities

ICT & Business

Name Position E-mail
Miss J Coe Head of ICT, Business & Enterprise
Mr S Maher Head of Computing/Acting Head ICT
Mr C Rawlinson Director of e-Learning
Mr A Parsons 14-19 Vocational Leader/Head WRL
Mrs K Blake Head of Business Studies
Mr A Plant Teacher of Bus. Studies, ICT & DOY 8


Name Position E-mail
Miss B Joshi Assistant Principal: Director of Mathematics
Mrs S Bolton 2nd in Maths Faculty & KS3 Co.
Mr J Marston Lead Practitioner & KS4 Co.
Mr P Atkinson Senior Assistant Principal
Mrs B Dutt Teacher of Maths & KS5 Co.
Mr J Gibbs Teacher of Maths
Mrs Y Sabi Lead Practitioner of Maths
Mr S Young Teacher of Maths & Numeracy Co.
Mr C Williams Teacher of Maths
Mr P Martin Teacher of Maths
Mrs M Wanza Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr M Ahmin Student Teacher


Name Position E-mail
Miss A Hewes Head of MFL
Mrs R Heaney-Cox Teacher of MFL/Deputy Head of VI
Mrs H Savani Gujarati Tutor
Mrs A Ivanov HLTA
Ms A Sacawa Learning Assistant: EAL

Performing Arts

Name Position E-mail
Mr C Jeffs Head of Dept & Extra Curric. Prov & Performances
Mrs S Woolmer-Brennan Head of Drama


Name Position E-mail
Mr J Hughes Head of PE/Head of Boys PE
Mr A Folwell Second in Faculty
Mr D Brookes Teacher of PE/DOY 9/House Co.
Mrs K Blackett Senior Assistant Principal
Mr M Hawkins Instructor of PE & SSCo
Miss C Slee Instructor of PE
Mr K Lloyd-Jones Student Teacher


Name Position E-mail
Miss T Ali Assistant Principal: Director of Science
Mr C Carlisle 2nd in Science
Mr J Barker Lead Pract./Senior Teacher/Anti Bullying
Dr A Bell Lead Practitioner i/c Physics
Mr N Salisbury Vice Principal - Teaching & Learning
Mr G Stanger Senior Assistant Principal
Mr Z Dube Teacher of Science/G&T, Enrich & Transit.
Miss D Mclaughlin Teacher of Science
Mr A Smith Martin Teacher of Science i/c Vocational
Miss L Ellis Teacher of Physics
Miss V Cook Teacher of Science/Research Co.
Mr P Brown Teacher of Science
Miss A Waterfall Teacher of Science
Mr C Evans Student Teacher
Mr M Hobbs Student Teacher


Name Position E-mail
Mrs C Codner Assistant Principal - SENCo