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Testing Examples

Fair Banding Test – compulsory for all applicants, results used to ensure we remain comprehensive

The fair banding test consists of two cognitive ability tests which assess the types of mental processing which play a substantial role in human thought. The fair banding test particularly focuses on the ability to reason with words.

The basic elements of the test have been kept simple and clear to ensure the tests are accessible to all students.

The full test lasts around 30 minutes, which includes practise questions.

The tests consist of Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies.

Click here for sample questions.

ICT Aptitude Test – only for students with a strong aptitude for ICT – 24 places offered on the result of the test

The ICT Aptitude test is paper based and consists of 60 multiple choice questions covering a mix of ICT, Digital Literacy, E-Safety and Computer Science questions.  The test lasts for 1 hour.

Click here for sample questions.

Please click here to access the ICT Aptitude Test Timetable.