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Sir Christopher Hatton


E-Safety Update - Snapchat

The Snapchat App has just has just been updated (21st June) and as a result all Snapchat “friends” can track each other’s locations in real time. This has potential implications with regards to safety as Snapchat  users “friends” can track each other down using the map.  (Remember that not everyone online is who they claim to be..). To disable this feature you must turn on “ghost mode”.. to do this:


1.            Open Snapchat on the camera screen and pinch inward as though to make the picture smaller

2.            This takes you to the map screen, click your “Bitmoji” (green silhouette) and on the settings that appear click to turn “ghost mode” on


It is always important to know the online behaviour and app use of the children in our care so that we can keep them safe and to educate them.


Mr Barker