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Sir Christopher Hatton


New 2017-2018 Head Boy & Girl!

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We are pleased to announce that Niketa Joshi and Vijay Patel have been appointed as our new Head Girl and Boy for our next academic year, and they are very excited about the new ideas and how they intend on approaching the role.

We would also like to mention that the field this year was very strong and all applicants presented themselves fantastically and with real substance; they should be very proud of themselves.

If you see either Niketa or Vijay please congratulate them on their success!

Niketa and Vijay have commented below:

'The position of Head Girl has been a tradition for many years and to be given the chance to hold this role is something that means a great deal to me. Of all my achievements this is one of immense importance, to not just myself but also my family and friends. Over the 6 years of being part of Sir Christopher Hatton I've been able to see the trust develop to become a multi community and to witness the different stakeholders within the school. To now hold such an influential position in the Academy I wish not only to develop myself but also be heavily involved in the future development of The Trust'.

Niketa Joshi


'Becoming the Head Boy of Sir Christopher Hatton Academy is an achievement, in my opinion, different to any other. The unique opportunities that this role entails is something I am going to thoroughly enjoy and hopefully relish in. Throughout my time at the academy, I have seen the Trust progress and have witnessed the work that the educational experts put in to develop the learning of students in the area. I’m genuinely excited to see how I adapt to this role and how I can bring innovative ideas to the academy and its Trust. The work that the previous Head Boy and Girls have put in have meant that I have a great platform to continue to act as a student ambassador and a role model. Ultimately, I view my position as Head Boy, as one who is going to inspire not just the students at Hatton, but rather all those associated with the Trust'.


Vijay Patel