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Sir Christopher Hatton




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Please find our Careers and Enterprise Policies here.

The aims of Careers education from in Sir Christopher Hatton Academy are to:

  • Raise students’ careers aspirations through planning for their future
  • Supporting students make informed decisions regarding progression into careers beyond school
  • Raising student awareness of careers opportunities
  • Help students develop the necessary employability knowledge and skills to help them progress
  • Encouraging participation in lifelong learning, including through further and higher education and work
  • Encouraging students to contribute positively to their communities

In order to achieve these aims the Lifeskills programme comprises lesson that deliver some aspects, (please see the Lifeskills section), as does UCAS and job/apprenticeship guidance in the sixth form. The following are also delivered in addition to Lifeskills: 

  • Careers information is also displayed on the careers notice board in C block, the information point in school reception & the staff room corridor and the Careers section of the library.
  • Able students in year 10 are selected to attend an event comprising a series of 4 ‘aspirational’ guest professional speakers talking through entry routes into careers such as medicine and accountancy.
  • Able students in year 8 visit Cummings Engineering to explore careers in that field.
  • Years 10, 11 and 13 students are offered 1:1 careers interviews with an independent Prospects Careers Advisor.
  • Prospects Careers Advisors are available at Parents/Tutor day (available to all year groups) and year 11 & 13 parents’ evenings for guidance as necessary.
  • All students can take the Fast Tomato Careers quiz to find out what careers might be suitable for them.
  • Year 12 to attend the UCAS Fair University of Bedford with all universities present. There are also workshops and events sampling student life.
  • Year 12 two week work experience in the summer term.
  • Moulton College Taster Days are offered to students as necessary in fields from construction to animal care.

In addition in November of every year we run the Hatton Academy Careers day for the whole school, which comprises:

  • Year 8 – An Alphabet careers workshop where students analyse the type of work open to them in the future.
  • Year 9  - Developing Skills for Work where students carousel between four World of Work workshops with employers giving a taste of that profession
  • Year 10 - Developing Students’ Employability  where they carousel between three workshops:  Work in the Changing World; Interview Skills; and Mock job interviews with persons from ‘industry’
  • Year 11 - Careers Pathways & Choices, students carousel between two workshops that they have chosen from a choice of Universities, local colleges and/or a training provider.
  • Year 12 - Getting that job where students attend Students to carousel between four workshops, one hour each, run by experts in their field, that focus on: applying to university; apprenticeships and securing employment run by Starting Off; turning your passion into a business run by Barclays Bank; and ‘What can I offer an employer?’ a self-awareness/identifying strengths workshop run by an external consultant. In addition Business and Sports students will attend a presentation by Wembley. They offer business and sports related degrees at both Wembley and the Etihad Stadium.
  • Year 13 - leaving home (university or job) where students consider what skills and resources they may have to develop when they leave home, carouseling between workshops including: budgeting – talk by Barclays Bank on managing personal finances on leaving the sixth form, whether university or starting work; Setting Up Your Own Business – a presentation from two local directors; and a confidence building workshop.

Note independent IAG in the above list is defined as ran by outside agencies.  Those that are not deemed impartial, i.e. that IAG may be biased in that they are not balanced by other activities running in tandem are marked by *.