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Sir Christopher Hatton


Competitions and Results

During the school year, the Heads or House and captains run various events and competitions that the students and staff compete in. We believe this teaches the students about healthy competition as well as the correct way to win and lose. It also reinforces team work, rules and social skills and widens students’ engagement in school life.

How to Obtain Individual House Points Team Events - House Competitions
  • Team Hatton Award
  • Wandering Trophy
  • Ambassador of the Week
  • The Knowledge
  • Reports (Effort/Behaviour)
  • Rowing
  • Attendance
  • Basketball
  • Punctuality
  • Numeracy
  • Behaviour Watch
  • Sports Day
  • Wear it Pink/Charity

We would like to thank all staff, captains and students that have enthusiastically embraced the House Challenges this year. 

Please find the Term 3 & 4 results below. 

House Cup
Awarded to the house with the most points WINNERS
15,224 points
2nd Walsingham (14,332) 
3rd Burghley (13,723)
4th Drake (13,715)

Wandering Trophy

Volleyball Tournament,

The Knowledge,

Badminton Tournament




2nd Drake, 3rd Walsingham, 4th Raleigh

2nd Burghley, 3rd Raleigh, 4th Drake

2nd Raleigh, 3rd Walsingham, 4th Drake

Numeracy Challenge Winners of the weekly quiz WINNER
136 points
2nd Burghley (106 points)
3rd Raleigh (90 points)
4th Walsingham (66 points)
Thought of The Week
Winners of the weekly challenge WINNER
1000 points
2nd Raleigh (750 points)
tied Drake (750 points)
4th Walsingham (250 points)

The pictures below show the Staff/VI Netball Teams....