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Sir Christopher Hatton



SCHA Curriculum Aims


We aim for our students to be:

  • Successful and lifelong learners
  • Caring and confident young people and adults
  • Responsible global citizens
  • Prepared for the changing world of work.

All students, without regard to age, aptitude, attainment level, ability or social circumstances, are entitled to an education of the highest quality.  Education is of value for its own sake and we seek to encourage all students to learn at school, outside school and beyond academy age.

The academy curriculum recognises individual student needs and abilities and supports the development of intellectual, cultural, moral, aesthetic, spiritual, physical and social qualities. 

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy’s Curriculum will support the Academy Aims of “Aiming for Excellence in all that we do”

The academy aims to maximise potential in academic terms. However we also aim to provide enrichment activities that broaden a student’s experiences whilst at academy. It is our ambition to encourage our young people to develop into responsible citizens with moral purpose and values that help sustain their everyday lives. We are committed to all students and believe that each individual matters and should be provided for.

We plan to provide quality educational experiences that will enable us to celebrate the successes of all students achieving their potential and provide inspirational and motivating learning opportunities. The promotion of life-long learning that encourages individuals to become valued members of the community will, we believe, provide a secure pathway towards the future independence for all.

Special Educational Needs

Students with barriers to learning, ranging from specific learning difficulties to physical disabilities, will be supported to participate and achieve in every aspect of academy life as part of our commitment to all students. The Learning Zone team will have an overview of every student to ensure that this commitment is fulfilled and will be in regular liaison with parents at all stages of a student’s career at the academy.   


To support students to achieve their maximum potential the academy has targeted intervention groups in a wide variety of subject areas.

Information, Advice and Guidance.

The academy has a strong pastoral system to support students of every year. Independent Careers Advice and Guidance is provided to ensure that all our students can access a high quality of individual support when appropriate.

Curriculum Organisation

The academy runs a timetable which comprises of 25 academic periods per week. In addition, there are three tutor periods a week, one 55 minute Lifeskills (PSHE) period and one 50 minute Enrichment period.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Tuesday & Thursday


Period 1 - Registration



Period 1             


Period 2 



Period 2 


Period 3








Period 3


Period 4



Period 4







Period 5



Period 5


Period 6



Period 6


End of Day



End of Day

Curriculum Structure


The KS3 curriculum is designed to build on the new primary national curriculum.  Faculties develop their KS3 curriculum based on the KS3 national curriculum with appropriate changes being included in order to support student's preparation for specific KS4 courses.

The KS3 curriculum consists of English, Maths, Science, PE, RE, ICT, PSHE, Geography, History, Art, Drama, Dance, Music, MFL and Design Technology.


The KS4 curriculum provides the flexibility to support students in following a route appropriate to enable the student to succeed.

The KS4 curriculum consists of GCSEs in English, Maths, Science and RE which are all compulsory. This is combined with PSHE and PE. Students can then choose from any of the following GCSE subjects: Art, Computing, German, Spanish, ICT, Geography, History, Food Technology, Design Technology and Media Studies and from the following level 2 Btec subjects: Business Studies, Sport Studies, Music, Performing Arts and Creative Media.


In the Sixth Form, students are able to tailor their curriculum with an appropriate mixture of level 3 academic (A Level) and vocational (BTEC) qualifications.

The KS5 curriculum consists of A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English Literature, English Literature and Language, Geography, History, Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology, Computing, Business, Sport, Art, Film Studies, Spanish and German. This offer is combined with level 3 Btecs in Business Studies, Sport Studies, Music, ICT, Science and Health and Social Care. GCSEs in English and Mathematics are also offered.

Click here to visit the Sixth Form area of the website for further information.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The academy offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for all age groups. These can be sub-divided into four areas: Cultural, Sporting, International visits, Trips.

The “Enrichment” period is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience activities and develop new skills. 

For advice on supporting your child's learning outside of school, including ESafety, click here.