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Educational Visits

Our Curriculum Departments provide a range of curricular and non-curricular educational visits linked to their subject area or interest.  Please click on the Residential Visits tab on the sidebar to see the exciting trips we offer to our students.   

Evolve is our new online educational visits portal when parents/carers give parental consent and sign up for educational visits - no login required.  We use our sims data for visit consents so remember to update your child's data if change address, email, telephone, medical details change.  Payments are made on Pay 360.  

For each trip we require the following information in place: 

  • Online Consent submitted on MyEvolve - if unable to do this please ensure your email is current.
  • Payment, if required, by due date on Pay 360

Trip Forms

Local Parent Consent Form

For local visits taking place during the school day, that do not involve adventurous activities, we will be introducing this on MyEvolve shortly - this is a one off form that gives full parental consent for future visits taking place during the school day only whilst your child is a pupil at the Academy.  When the local consent is in place letters will be emailed to you via MyEvolve informing of the visit together with an online permission slip to be submitted to confirm participation on the visit.

For educational visits taking place outside the school day, residential and adventurous activities we require a full online consent form completing. If your child requires to take medication with them or has any medical needs staff need to be aware of it is important the medication section of the consent form is completed/updated with full details. 

Please remember to let us know if there is a change of telephone number, address or email to ensure our data system is current as this information is used as part of the online consent process email:

Trip Payments

All payments at Sir Christopher Hatton for school meals, trips and other school activities are via Pay 360 (previously known as SIMS Pay).

Click Here to access the Getting Started Guide.

If you require any assistance with Pay 360 please email: .  

The payment system can be accessed by clicking here.


All our trips can be found in our Calendar here.