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Form Tutors

Updated for September 2021 


Year 8 
Head of Year Mrs R. Horne 

Form Name E-mail
8R1 Mr J. Andrews
8R2 Mr P. Brown / Mr A. Badhan
8R3 Miss L. Sloan
8R4 Ms J. Fargher 
8R5 Mrs A. Gray
8R6 Mr C. Jeffs
8R7 Mr F. Verde
8R8 Ms P. Welch

Year 9
Head of Year: Mrs C Banfield 

Form Name E-mail
9R1 Miss C. Boyce
9R2 Miss L. Stewart
9R3 Mr J. Forster-Rea
9R4 Mr T. Berill
9R5 Ms L. Sorrentino
9R6 Mrs K. Hughes
9R7 Mrs N. Bradbury & Mr. A. Folwell / 
9R8 Miss B. Conroy

Year 10
Head of Year: Mrs J Goodman 

Form Name E-mail
10R1 Miss J. Duncan
10R2 Mrs N. Saleh
10R3 Ms H. Davis
10R4 Mrs L. Pringle / Mrs S. Rockingham / 
10R5 Mr Z. Dube
10R6 Miss L. Tiernan 
10R7 Mrs J. Johnson / Mrs C. Bevan / 
10R8 Miss N. Dewart

Year 11
Head of Year: Mr N Cowley

Form Name E-mail
11R1 Miss D. McLaughlin & Mr A. Smith-Martin / 
11R2 Mrs N. Shearer
11R3 Mr T. Clarke
11R4 Mrs M. Blackmore
11R5 Mr P. Martin 
11R6 Mr C. Carlisle 
11R7 Mrs L. Kerby
11R8 Mrs J Lear
11R9 Mr J. McLellan 

VI Form
Heads of Year: Mr S. Maher Year 12 & Mr J. Green Year 13

Form Name E-mail
V1R1 Miss H. Johnston 
V1R2 Mr J. Hughes
V1R3 Mrs S. Glynn
V1R4 Mr A. Parsons 
V1R5 Miss A. Williams 
V1R6 Mrs R. Heaney-Cox & Mr P. Simpson / 
V1R7 Mr S. Lane 
V1R8 Mr C. Benjamin