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Form Tutors

Updated for September 2023

Year 7 
Head of Year: Ms G. Nolan

Year 8 
Head of Year: Miss M. Comty

Form Name E-mail
8R1 Ms C. Randall 
8R2 Ms L. Hunt 
8R3 Ms A. Gray (Humanities)
8R4 Ms J. Scobie
8R5 Mr P. Martin
8R6 Mr I. Smyth
8R7 Ms B. Muncey 
8R8   Available Upon Request

Year 9
Head of Year: Ms S. Mills

Form Name E-mail
9R1 Mr A. Davis 
9R2 Ms J. Beale
9R3   Please contact Head of Year
9R4 Mr J. Reilly
9R5 Ms S. Taylor
9R6 Mr M. Hawkins
9R7 Mrs L. Charmaga
9R8 Mr K. Naran

Year 10
Head of Year: Mrs J. Goodman

Form Name E-mail
10R1 Ms B. Hardcastle
10R2 Mr Z. Dube
10R3 Ms H. Davis
10R4 Mr J. Gibbs
10R5 Ms A. Gray (D&T)
10R6 Mr C. Jeffs
10R7 Mr F. Verde 
10R8 Ms C. Bevan 

Year 11
Head of Year: Mrs C. Banfield

Form Name E-mail
11R1 Ms L. Smart
11R2 Ms C. Bird
11R3 Mr A. Gealy
11R4 Mr J. Pyecroft
11R5 Ms S. Scullion
11R6 Ms K. Hughes
11R7 Mr A. Folwell 
11R8 Ms D. McLaughlin & Mr A. Smith-Martin / 
11R9 Mr S. Rowley

VI Form
Heads of Year: Ms L. Hughes Year 12 (VIR1 - 4) & Miss A. Waterfall 13 (VIR5 - 8)

Form Name E-mail
VIR1 Ms J. Davies 
VIR2 Mr J. Hughes
VIR3 Mrs S. Glynn
VIR4 Ms L. Sorrentino
VIR5 Mr T. Clarke
VIR6 Miss H. Johnston 
VIR7 Mr D. Lawrence & Ms S.  Rockingham / 
VIR8 Mr C. Benjamin