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Students are taught the following topics: History and me, Ancient Civilisations, Before and after the Battle of Hastings, Medieval Life, Tudors, English Civil War, Witchcraft, Industrial Revolution, Jack the Ripper, British Empire, Slavery, The USA, WW1 and WW2, Genocide, The Cold War,  The American West and Migration.


Exam Board: AQA - specification at a glance
Assessment:2 papers- Paper 1( Germany and Conflict and tension 50%) Paper 2 (Health and Elizabethan England 50%)​
Revision Guide: Revision guide link


Exam Board: AQA specification of Tsarist Russia
Specification for The Making of Modern Britain
Assessment: Paper 1 Tsarist Russia (40%) Paper 2 The Making of Modern Britain (40%), NEA (20%)​
Revision Guide:  Making of Modern Britain revision guide / Tsarist and Communist Russia revision guide