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Sir Christopher Hatton


House System

Our House system was created to encourage team work, cohesion and leadership across the year groups and to reward students who engage in all aspects of school life. Our core values for the House System are:

Cohesion, Community, Challenge, Charity, Competition, Celebration

There are four houses of Hatton; Burghley, Drake, Raleigh and Walsingham. These names were selected as they link to Sir Christopher Hatton and his history. All forms in the school are divided as follows;



Head of House

Deputy Head of House


R1 & R5

Mr Gibbs

Mr Hawkins


R2 & R6

Mr Brown

Miss Smyth


R3 & R7

Mr Lilley

Miss Murphy


R4 & R8

Mr Maher

Miss Johnson

The Houses are led by a Head of House, with every member of the staff being assigned to one of the Houses. Staff, together with students of the same house, take part in activities throughout the year. To encourage identity, ownership and team work across the school, students in key stages 3 and 4 wear ties in their house colour.

This year, all of the houses will choose a different charity that they will raise money for through the year. There will be many events for students to take part in. The House who raises the most for their charity will win the Charity Cup.

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