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House System

Our House system was created to encourage team work, cohesion and leadership across the year groups and to reward students who engage in all aspects of school life. Our core values for the House System are:


Cohesion, Community, Challenge, Charity, Competition, Celebration

There are four houses of Hatton; Burghley, Drake, Raleigh and Walsingham. These names were selected as they link to Sir Christopher Hatton and his history. 

The Houses are led by a Head of House, with every member of the staff being assigned to one of the fours Houses. Staff, together with students of the same house, take part in activities throughout the year. To encourage identity, ownership and team work across the school, students in key stages 3 and 4 wear ties in their house colour.

Heads of House



Head of House

Deputy Head of House


R1 & R5

Mr Gibbs

Mr Hawkins


R2 & R6

Mr Brown

Miss Smyth


R3 & R7

Mrs Blackmore

Miss Austin


R4 & R8

Mr Maher

Miss Johnston


Head of House: Mr Gibbs

Deputy Head of House: Mr Hawkins

House Captains - VI Formers House Leaders
Chris Price Yr 11 - Jessica Harcup
Gidloria Allotey Yr 10 - Benjamin Streeton
Dua Iqbal Yr 10 - Elise Ramoo
Niamh Healy Yr 9 - Syed Hussain
Kye Upton Yr 8 - Gabijja Navuseviciute
  Yr 7 -  TBC


Head of House:  Mr Perry Brown

Deputy of House: Miss Smyth

House Captains - VI Formers House Leaders
Chloe Phipp Yr 10 - Reece Anderson
Akash Kumar Yr 10 - Chloe Chapman
Arpana Kumari Yr 10 - Ava Darwood
Tarun Mistry Yr 10 - Thomas Wiggs
Aidan Youngman Yr 8 - Tyler Francois-Orr
  Yr 8 - Jahmai Akande
  Yr 7 - TBC


Head of House: Mrs Blackmore

Deputy Head of House: Miss Austin

House Captains - VI Formers House Leaders
Leah Parris Yr 10 - Lucie Arthurs
Neha Dholakia Yr 10 - Ilham Ahmed
Harry McWilliam Yr 9 - Dominic Cole
Erin Saddington Yr 8 - Ella Smith
  Yr 8 - Luke Forester
  Yr 7 - TBC


Head of House: Mr Maher

Deputy Head of House: Miss Johnston

House Captains - VI Formers House Leaders
Hannah Burwell Yr 10 - Boris Stefanov
CallistaQuadling Yr 10 - Sanyaolu Anu
Mary-Jane Galvin Yr 10 - Arjun Dhanji
William Knight Yr 10 - Joshua Diamond
  Yr 9 - Vanessa Dixon
  Yr 9 - George Sabey
  Yr 8 - Connor White
  Yr 8 - Nicole Sacawa
  Yr 8 - Amelia Lonergan
  Yr 8 - Rebecca Pettinger

Competitions and Results

During the school year, the Heads or House and captains run various events and competitions that the students and staff compete in. We believe this teaches the students about healthy competition as well as the correct way to win and lose. It also reinforces team work, rules and social skills and widens students’ engagement in school life.

How to Obtain Individual House Points Team Events - House Competitions

Team Hatton Award

Wandering Trophy

Ambassador of the Week

The Knowledge

Reports (Effort/Behaviour)






Behaviour Watch

Sports Day


Wear it Pink/Charity