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Sir Christopher Hatton



Gifted pupils are identified based on their CAT Tests scores. Each year group is ranked and the top 10% of pupils by year group are chosen. Both teachers and parents are made aware of this cohort. Once a pupil is identified as gifted they cannot be removed from the register unless they leave the school.

Talented pupils are identified based on teacher nominations. Talented subjects include Music, PE, Drama and Art. If a pupil is classified as more able in two or more of these subjects then they are classified as Talented. Teachers are also asked to identify any exceptionally able pupils in any of these subjects. These pupils will be classified as Talented and will remain with this classification for their entire time at the school. If a pupil falls slightly short of being exceptionally able but they are regarded as being outstanding in one of the above subjects then they may be classified as Talented by agreement between the head of departmental and AG&T coordinator. The Talented cohort will be reviewed regularly and may change annually.

Talented skills are also identified, and include the following:

  • Creativity                                 
  • Problem Solving
  • Organisation
  • Speaking/Presenting
  • Vocabulary
  • Supporting Lower Ability
  • Leadership
  • Argument formulation
  • Extended Writing
  • Evaluation
  • Synthesis
  • Extending ideas

More Able students are identified by high SATS scores, which demonstrate that they have the potential for high academic achievement.

Able pupils are identified using subject specific criteria. These have been created within each department and use a range of qualitative and quantitative strategies. The top 10% of pupils by year group in each subject are nominated by teachers. The subject specific criteria are used to ensure that all learners are given an opportunity to be identified. The More Able register is regularly reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Exceptionally able pupils are those that need to be accelerated or stretched beyond that which is provided by the current curriculum in a specific subject. This kind of pupil would probably finish their qualification early and need to be given further opportunities to allow them to fulfil their potential. Alternatively they may need support from external sources to support their needs. This is especially true of talented musicians or aspiring national sports people. In some instances we may need to modify the pupil’s timetable to accommodate their needs – e.g. a national swimmer may need to attend national training sessions and perform early morning training. Departments are required to inform the AG&T coordinator of any such pupil within their subject and show evidence that they are being provisioned for accordingly. We only have a few of these in the school (less than 10). If they are exceptional in a Talented subject areas (Music, Art, PE, Drama) then they will maintain talented status during their entire time at SCHS regardless of the number of more able classifications.

Thus to summarise – we should be aware of our Gifted, Talented, More able and Exceptionally able pupils. Gifted pupils and exceptionally able pupils are our most closely monitored.

Refer to the G&T policy for further information.