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Our Academy Day

The Academy's school day runs from 8.30am to 3.00pm, totalling 32.5 hours each week, inclusive of break times. The structure of our day is shown below.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday Tuesday & Thursday
8:30am Period 1 - Registration 8:30am Period 1
9:00am Period 2  9:30am Period 2 
10:00am Period 3 10:25am Break
11:00am Break 10:45am Period 3
11:20am Period 4 11:40am Period 4
12:20pm Lunch 12:35pm Lunch
1:00pm Period 5 1:15pm Period 5
2:00pm Period 6 2:10pm Period 6
3:00pm End of Day 3:00pm End of Day