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Sir Christopher Hatton



TSST (Teacher Subject Specialism Training)

Hatton Teaching School Alliance is delighted to have been chosen as the local lead school for delivering this exciting program to support the teaching of Maths, Physics and Core Maths.

The programme is fully funded* and will develop both subject knowledge and the implementation of this in real classroom situations. The programme is suitable for all non-specialist teachers, returning teachers and NQTs who currently teach, or want to teach, Physics, Maths or Core Maths.

Each programme includes three subject specific sessions which will take place from 2pm to 6pm over this academic year.

We are also able to offer these sessions by webinar should it not be possible to attend on a specific occasion. Webinars will also be used to provide additional support during the programme.

The subject specific dates are:

Mathematics: Tuesdays - 4th December 2018,  26th February 2019,  25th June 2019

Physics: Wednesdays - 5th December 2018,  27th February 2019,   26th June 2019

Core Mathematics: Thursdays - 6th December 2018,  28th February 2019,  27th June 2019

These sessions will take place in the Training Centre at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy and refreshments will be provided.

All colleagues who join the programme will have Chartered College of Teaching membership reimbursed and may attend the events at the Northamptonshire Hub to support other areas of their teaching in addition to providing access to a wealth of resources.

Additionally there will be the opportunity for participants to observe colleagues in action and to be involved in supportive developmental observations at your school.

Each programme is provided free of charge* and a £500 payment will be made to each participant's school on completion of the course. Whilst this will support any cover costs, it is hoped that schools will use this payment to support  further CPD, for example the new Masters Degree in Mathematics Teaching currently being finalised by Northampton University.

*There is a limit to the number of free places available however this page will be updated should these places be filled.

Please find the application form below:

Application forms should be emailed to 

This email address can also be used for any queries that you may have.

Further information from the DFE can be found here